The Best Mini XP USB Bootable

The Best Mini XP USB Bootable 

You still have a long USB Flash Disk is 128 MB or more that are not used anymore? If there is, unfortunately that discarded because we can use it, it may be useful as Data Rescue you when you use the Windows OS is now suddenly have to be Re-Install. Yep this is The Best Windows XP USB Bootable most Working 100% which makes you not have to worry anymore if the Install Windows again. In addition to speaking English, Windows XP Mini is equipped with WindowBlinds, Total Commander, 7-Zip, Norton Ghost, virtuagirl (Um Software The Adam preferred sweetener), and other small softwares, full enough right? After in-Extract to USB Flash Disk requires only 99.8 MB capacity (less than 100 MB can be XP OS and Software complete this?). How, Interested to try it? BVR ScreenShot will give its ...

his kind of software actually there are 2 more but Bismarck VanRiser have tested it and are not interested at all, why? BVR will explain. The first is Windows XP Live CD BartPE output. If you frequently see links megabyte download size 50-60 late (compressed RAR/ZIP/7-Zip) or 152 MB (in the form of ISO files) that actually XP BartPE Live CD. Actually the BartPE output Good and Clean Windows free Trojan but his language is difficult to understand because it looks like the German BartPE. The second is Ghost XP USB Mini sized 35-37 MB, but heck it's Working ... Bete Some Filles important to run Windows detected the Trojan yes and if we remove from Pendrive, Windows does not direct his way again. That analysis BismarckVanRiser on Windows XP USB Bootable. There is an additional, new BVR found out that the USB FD's result format of this USB mini xp can still be used to listen to MP3s on the existing Portable USB plugs her (Amplifier, Portable wireless, DVD player, etc.). Usually USB to install Windows format results can not be used for listening to MP3 music because its different formats. Indeed Deserved Winner Mini XP USB to The Best Windows XP USB Bootable, we've created USB Flash Disk Calm and listen to MP3 music can be used as well, then let us direct cekidot Link Download and Install Tutorial..

Install Notes Do and Don't (made by BVR):
1. Extract RAR file
2. Run File "HPUSBFW.EXE" to Format USB Flash Disk using File System FAT or FAT32. Do Not use NTFS File System because Windows XP Mini won't Run (NTLDR is Missing).

3. Open file "Mini XP Gold USB Flash Boot.exe" with Double-Click. Do Not Right-Click the file and Extract it because you cannot extract and copy to your USB Flash Disk, you must install it.
4. Click "Browse", Find your "USB Flash Disk Directory", Click "OK" then "Install" it
(Right-Click then Open in New Tab to Enlarge the ScreenShot)

5. When you get a message like the following screenshot, just Press Any Key. Don't Close the Windows because It means that you cancel it.

6. Congratulations you have successfully installed Windows XP Mini into a USB Flash Disk, now Press Any Key to Exit.

7. Change Boot Options in Bios with USB Flash Disk Drive Run First. When you enter GRUB4DOS 0.44 Menu, choose Option 1: Mini Windows XP or Option 8: Ghost32 11.5 if you want to extract Ghost Partition File (.GHO)

NOTE: When you see the contents of your USB Flash Disk Directory will appear Empty, Actually the files are Hidden. To view it, click "Start" =>"Control Panel"=>"Folder Options" =>Tab "View"=>"Show hidden files and folders"=>"OK". Has been Tested 100% Working in Windows XP3BVR and the ScreenShot is Genuine from my Laptop.
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  1. Download Link not working.


    1. ATTENTION EVERYONE, unfortunately, the links given above are not working! Anyway, I am guessing we are the same and have been looking for this file for quite some time and getting tired of it, so here's something to share to you, which I already found and tested to be legit and working.



      this is 100% working and I have tested and been using it! hope I really helped :D

  2. download link here

  3. i found a msg saying
    some files couldn't be extracted, close all programs and restart windows "
    i did this and it appears again ... wht sould i do ???

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